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Anti-Israel Groups Shakin' in Their Boots

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Anti-Israel Groups Shakin' in Their Boots

Monday, March 31, 2014 | David Lazarus

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Support Israel

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, those Israel-hating, apartheid-mongers are cooked. Obsessively accusing Israel of everything from stealing water to targeting Palestinian children, these anti-everything Israel junkies have gone too far. Their compulsive Israel-hatred has stirred a massive grassroots counter-attack. Synagogues, churches, students, businesses and everyday folk have heard enough. They will be silent no more.

And it's not only Jews, or even Christians rising to the battle. Young Israeli Arabs, Druze and even Bedouins are up and out telling the world what Israel means to them.

Heeb, a 27-year-old Bedouin Muslim who participated in a "StandWithUs" pro-Israel advocacy program, said he was happy to have the opportunity to dispel the damaging myths perpetuated by Israeli Apartheid Week organizers. "I wanted to meet students and tell them the truth. This is one of my goals – to bring our image of Israel… Some did not know there are Arabs in Israel. A lot of people were surprised," said Heeb, a University of Haifa student working on an MA in public policy.

Another new innovative program is sending Israeli college students to speak at at university campuses, schools, synagogues, and churches across North America as part of their IDF reserve duty. These young people are passionately sharing about the real Israel with tens of thousands of students and community members each year. In 2013, groups sent by "StandWithUS" visited 150 different events and reached countless numbers of people through press coverage and social media.

"I see how Israel is misrepresented in the media," says Tepper, co-founder of Word Swap, another pro-Israel upstart. "They're accusing Israel of apartheid… and you know it's not true, but if you don't stand up and say it's not true, a lot of people are going to believe these lies."

Bader, a 23-year-old Tel Aviv University student studying for his BA in computer science and economics, said he meets university students who are shocked to learn that Arabs live in Israel. He tells them, "I am living proof," in Arabic of course, his mother tongue.

"Most of the people we talk to are from the Middle East, from Yemen, from Saudi Arabia, from Syria, from Lebanon. To them, Israel is just an entity – they call it Little Satan," says Bader. "I'm an Israeli Arab, my grandparents have lived there, I've lived there, I have full rights, I've served in the IDF, I work in Tel Aviv, I don't face discrimination. How can you say that if you haven't even been there?" he challenges them.

When students at a well known university in the US wanted to boycott Israel's Ben Gurion University, Heeb, the Israeli Bedouin, told them, "Listen guys, Ben Gurion University has the most Arab girls, Bedouin girls, studying there, more than [schools in] Arab countries." Heeb explained that he is a Bedouin student from the University of Haifa, and that the faculty would not be able to exchange their knowledge if there is a boycott. "They didn't answer," he said.

Never has there been a time when so many different people from so many places around the globe are working together for Israel. Synagogues and churches are running "Buy Israeli Goods" campaigns. Students of all ages and backgrounds are organizing lectures and debates on college campuses. But most impressive of all are the millions of everyday, work-a-day folks speaking up now because they are no longer willing to stomach the vicious lies about Israel. Join the gang! God IS on our side!
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The Myth of the Thirsty Palestinian

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What Kerry Forgot When He Blamed Israel

ViestiKirjoittaja Annukka » 10.04.2014 10:04

What Kerry Forgot When He Blamed Israel

Wednesday, April 09, 2014 | Ryan Jones

Israel was stunned on Wednesday, as attested to by the morning newspaper headlines, that US Secretary of State John Kerry had effectively “thrown it under the bus” by apportioning the lion’s share of the blame for failed peace talks to the Jewish state.

During a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday, Kerry explained the failure of his obsessive peace efforts thus:

“The [Palestinian] prisoners were not released by Israel on the day they were supposed to be released and then another day passed and another day – and then 700 [housing] units were approved in Jerusalem and then poof.”

Kerry was referring to Israel’s initial postponement of the fourth of four prisoner releases agreed to as a condition for the Palestinian leadership joining the negotiations in the first place.

What Kerry left out is that Israel was prepared to carry out the release, just as it had the previous three, but was fully aware that no agreement was going to be reached by the end of the nine-month timeframe the Americans had put on the current talks.

As such, Israel wanted a guarantee that the talks would be extended, that it wasn’t releasing jailed killers for nothing. The Palestinians refused to provided such a guarantee, strongly suggesting that they had no real intention of reaching a compromise peace settlement.

In referring to “700 units…in Jerusalem,” Kerry was partially blaming the collapse of talks on Israel’s issuing tenders for the construction of new apartments in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, which the Palestinians claim is a “settlement” and must be part of a future Palestinian state.

What Kerry left out is that the issuing of such tenders is routine in large neighborhoods like Gilo, and, more importantly, that Israel has officially annexed the whole of Jerusalem and never committed to not building in its own capital.

The Obama Administration tried to downplay Kerry’s remarks, or at least the order in which they were made. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki insisted that Kerry “was crystal clear today that both sides have taken unhelpful steps and at no point has he engaged in a blame game.”

Indeed, Kerry did accuse both Israel and the Palestinians of taking unhelpful steps. But, as Israeli newspapers and political analysts pointed out, he first, and in much greater detail, blamed Israel.

What Kerry left out is that the “unhelpful” step taken by the Palestinian leadership not only threw a wrench in current negotiations, but was a fundamental violation of all signed agreements between Israel and the Palestinians going back to 1993.

As chief Israeli negotiator Tzipi Livni pointed out, when Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas signed 15 treaties with international organizations and conventions, he reneged on the Palestinians’ promise to only seek independence and sovereignty via a bilateral agreement with Israel.

In response to Abbas’ maneuvering, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday ordered his government to suspend all ties and cooperation with the Palestinian Authority.

As things currently stand, an overwhelming 92 percent majority of Israelis do not believe negotiations can lead to a final status peace agreement, according to a survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University. Even 87 percent of left-wing Israelis said peace with the current Palestinian leadership is beyond reach.
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Meet the Israeli Hackers Who Are Striking Back

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Meet the Israeli Hackers Who Are Striking Back

Wednesday, April 09, 2014 | Israel Today Staff

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Israel this week has faced a heavier than usual amount of cyber-attacks, but local hackers are doing their bit to fight back. And you can follow their progress in near-real time thanks to the magic of Twitter.

Israel on average defends against tens of thousands of cyber attacks every day. But international hacker group Anonymous, or a branch thereof, sought to truly overwhelm the Jewish state this week with its annual #OpIsrael campaign, during which anti-Israel hackers seek to crash or penetrate Israeli websites and networks.

Their success had thus far been extremely minimal, with only a handful of websites suffering limited downtime or being temporarily defaced with anti-Israel content.

The Israeli hackers who have been fighting back, on the other hand, have had far more impressive results. In addition to crashing and defacing numerous anti-Israel or radical Islamist websites, including the official #OpIsrael website, the Israeli group known as Israeli Elite Force actually broke into the personal computers of many of their anti-Israel foes.

An Israeli Elite Force hacker calling himself Buddhax published a document including the names, email addresses and various online login information of several of the Anonymous-affiliated hackers. Buddhax even managed to snap mugshots of some of the anti-Israel hackers using their own webcams.

Buddhax and the Israeli Elite Force said they hope that by demonstrating the relative ease with which they can expose the anti-Israel hackers, the latter will “think twice next time before they try to attack Israel.”

Another senior Israeli hacker told the online news website “0404” that the Israeli side “didn’t need to make any special preparations,” noting that “Anonymous Palestine” is simply not a serious threat.

The anti-Israel hackers “are good at talking and small hacks, but we aren’t dealing here with the global Anonymous,” said the Israeli, explaining that “Anonymous Palestine” is primarily made up of small groups of Arab and other anti-Israel hackers who unilaterally decided to use the name “Anonymous.”

The Israeli hacker said that the response from the Israeli side was very minimal. “We carried out some small operations that hit the Arab world, websites and some online accounts, but this was not an official Israeli response. It was just child’s play.” The hacker continued: “It is really not recommended that they [Anonymous Palestine] mess with Israel, and they know this well.”

Want more news from Israel?
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Has there ever been a Palestinian state? Show me what its fl

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'There Has Never Been a Palestinian State - That's a Lie'

by Ari Soffer

Economics Minister and Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett has continued his calls to annex parts of Judea and Samaria, in response to the repeated failure of peace talks with the Palestinian Authority.

Following a letter yesterday to Prime Minister Netanyahu, in which he urged the PM to implement his "Plan B" alternative to a "two-state solution" with the PA, Bennett took his message to the international media last night, in an interview with CNN.

Dismissing suggestions that Israel was responsible for the collapse of peace talks by building homes in Jerusalem, Bennett pointed out that the talks had already ground to a halt after PA leader Mahmoud Abbas refused to even recognize Israel's existence as the nation-state of the Jewish people, while simultaneously demanding Israeli recognition of a "Palestinian homeland."

"The reality... is that the era of these negotiations is over - it's time for plan B... a new approach," he said. "The approach that we've been applying for 20 years now clearly has reached its end."

Bennett rejected out of hand calls for Israel to freeze construction in Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, as part of proposals to eventually partition the city between the Jewish state and a future "Palestinian state".

"Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital for just about 3,000 years, and just like I would never suggest to freeze building in London, where you're sitting" Israel should not be expected to "freeze our own building in our own state", he said.

Responding to his interviewer's claim that "there has been Palestinian life in Jerusalem for thousands of years," he retorted: "You're talking about a Palestinian presence? Has there ever been a Palestinian state? Show me what its flag was, show me what its anthem was, show me who its leader is - show me anything that mentions the word 'Palestinians' more than 65 or 80 years ago.

"There has never been 'Palestinian state' - that's one of the big lies that they've managed to press forward. The reality is that it's been the Jewish land for 3,000 years, it's still our land."

Unlike initiatives until now, his "new approach" would be achieved "from the bottom up" - most crucially by investing on the ground in initiatives to improve the quality of life for Jews and Arabs alike in Judea and Samaria - he explained.

Under the plan, which Bennett has advocated for since his entrance into politics, Israel would annex "Area C", where all Jewish communities are located, but only a small number of Arab towns and villages.

Those roughly 40,000 Palestinian Arabs living in Area C would be offered Israeli citizenship, while Areas A and B would be granted full autonomy from Israel.

Area C refers to the portions of Judea and Samaria under full Israeli control, whereas Areas A and B are under full or partial PA control respectively.
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Pity the Palestinians? Count Me Out

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Pity the Palestinians? Count Me Out

Thousands of Arabs are dying in Syria and South Sudan. Where's the outrage on behalf of those truly suffering?

By Norman Podhoretz

April 9, 2014 7:26 p.m. ET

Provoked by the predictable collapse of the farcical negotiations forced by Secretary of State John Kerry on the Palestinians and the Israelis, I wish to make a confession: I have no sympathy—none—for the Palestinians. Furthermore, I do not believe they deserve any.

This, of course, puts me at daggers drawn with the enlightened opinion that goes forth from the familiar triumvirate of the universities, the mainstream media and the entertainment industry. For everyone in that world is so busy weeping over the allegedly incomparable sufferings of the Palestinians that hardly a tear is left for the tribulations of other peoples. And so all-consuming is the universal rage over the supposedly monumental injustice that has been done to the Palestinians that virtually no indignation is available for any other claimant to unwarranted mistreatment.

In my unenlightened opinion, this picture of the Palestinian plight is nothing short of grotesquely disproportionate. Let me leave aside the Palestinians who live in Israel as Israeli citizens and who enjoy the same political rights as Israeli Jews (which is far more than can be said of Palestinians who live in any Arab country), and let me concentrate on those living under Israeli occupation on the West Bank.

Enlarge Image
A Palestinian protester stands during clashes with Israeli troops in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh in March. Reuters

Well, to judge by the most significant measure and applying it only to two instances of what is going on at this very moment: In Syria, untold thousands of fellow Arabs are starving, while according to the United Nations official on the scene in South Sudan, 3.7 million people, amounting to one-third of the population, are now facing imminent death by starvation.

And the Palestinians? True, when they wish to go from the West Bank into Israel proper, they are forced to stop at checkpoints and subjected to searches for suicide vests or other weapons in the terrorist arsenal. Once, when she was secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice bemoaned the great inconvenience and humiliation inflicted by such things on the poor Palestinians. Yet she had nothing to say about Palestinians dying of starvation on the West Bank, for the simple reason that there were none to be found.

Nor did anyone starve to death in Gaza when it too was under Israeli occupation. And despite propaganda to the contrary, neither is anyone facing the same fate in Gaza today because of the blockade the Israelis have set up to prevent clandestine shipments of arms intended for use against them.

Speaking of Gaza, it can serve as a case study of the extent to which the plight of the Palestinians has been self-inflicted. Thus when every last Israeli was pulled out of Gaza in 2005, some well-wishers expected that the Palestinians, now in complete control, would dedicate themselves to turning it into a free and prosperous country. Instead, they turned it into a haven for terrorism and a base for firing rockets into Israel.

Meanwhile little or nothing of the billions in aid being poured into Gaza—some of it from wealthy American Jewish donors—went to improving the living conditions of the general populace. Which did not prevent a majority of those ordinary Palestinians from supporting Hamas, under whose leadership this order of priorities was more faithfully followed than it was under Fatah, its slightly less militant rival.

As for the monumental injustice supposedly done to the Palestinians, it consists largely of losing territory in the war they themselves provoked in 1967, and the refusal of their demand that every inch of it be returned to them by the Israeli victors in that war. Such demands have always been known and universally denounced as revanchism or irredentism, most recently over the Russian seizure of Crimea. But where Israel is concerned, everything goes topsy-turvy, so that Palestinian irredentism is universally supported.

The accompanying and equally great injustice allegedly suffered by the Palestinians is that they have been denied a state of their own. But this hardly qualifies as unique, given that dozens of other ethnic groups—the Kurds being the most prominent—are in the same boat.

In any event, this "injustice" is also self-inflicted, since three times in the past 15 years the Palestinians have refused offers of a state on most of the territory taken by Israel in 1967 and with Jerusalem as its capital. They have justified these refusals by one pretext or another, but as anyone willing to look can see, what they truly want is not a state of their own living side by side with Israel but a state that replaces Israel altogether.

With this we come to the main reason I believe that the Palestinians do not deserve any sympathy, let alone the astonishing degree of it they do receive (and not least from many of my fellow Jews). It is that ever since the day of Israel's birth in 1948, they have never ceased declaring that their goal is to wipe it off the map. In all other contexts, this would be called by its rightful name of genocide and condemned by all decent people. Yet—here we go topsy-turvy again—for any and every step Israel takes to defend itself against so shamelessly evil an intent, it is the Israelis who are obsessively condemned at the U.N. and by the increasingly strident propagators of what calls itself "anti-Zionism" but is also increasingly indistinguishable from anti-Semitism.

Nor, alas, is it only the leaders of the Palestinians who harbor this evil intent. As revealed by poll after poll, as well as by the elections that led the way for Hamas to take power in Gaza, a decisive majority of the Palestinian people does so as well. No doubt this is the fruit of relentless indoctrination from above, but the damage has been done, and the end result is what it is.

Indeed, the best that can be said of both Palestinian leaders and led is that many of them no longer imagine—as did Gamal Abdel Nasser, the former president of Egypt—that they have the power to drive the Jews of Israel into the sea. Therefore they are now willing to give up pursuing the goal of genocide and to settle for the more modest objective of politicide—that is, to get rid of the Jewish state by transforming it, through various "peaceful" means like the "right of return," into a state with a Palestinian majority.

I for one pray that a day will come when the Palestinians finally let go of the evil intent toward Israel that keeps me from having any sympathy for them, and that they will make their own inner peace with the existence of a Jewish state in their immediate neighborhood. But until that day arrives, the "peace process" will go on being as futile as it has been so many times before and as it has just proved once again to be. Another thing that never changes: When John Kerry testified on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, it was the Israelis he blamed for this latest diplomatic fiasco.

Mr. Podhoretz was the editor of Commentary magazine from 1960 to 1995. His most recent book is "Why Are Jews Liberals?" (Doubleday, 2009).
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ECI Open Letter urges EU to review its policy on disputed te

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ECI Open Letter urges EU to review its policy on disputed territories

Open letter - handing overBrussels, April 10th, 2014 – As the five-year term of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Baroness Catherine Ashton, comes to an end, and the US-led Israeli/Palestinian peace talks falter, 42 European political leaders have urged the EU to review its policies concerning the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip.

On Monday, April 7th, Leonello Gabrici, Head of the Middle East Division at the European External Action Service (EEAS), on behalf of Baroness Ashton, received an Open Letter from ECI that was signed by 42 European political leaders. These include government ministers and members of the Parliaments of eleven EU Member States, among them the Vice-Chair of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, Fiorello Provera from Italy and the chair of the European Parliament’s Israel delegation Bas Belder of Netherlands, as well as former Foreign Ministers of EU member states.

These leaders argue that the EU’s approach to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the disputed territories is not only unbalanced but based on basic legal and historical misconceptions.

In particular, the letter argues that the EU guidelines on funding in relation to Israeli settlements, which came into force last December, are unacceptable. It mentions six reasons why the EU should urgently review its policies in relation to Palestinian statehood and Israeli settlements, citing history, borders, security concerns, the future of Jerusalem, fairness and freedoms.

The Guidelines reflect the common policy of EU Member State governments as expressed in the European Council decision of December 2013. This policy supports creation of a Palestinian state based on the so-called pre-1967 borders (the ”Green Line”) and considers all Israeli settlements outside the Green line as ”illegal”.

The Open Letter argues that this policy pre-judges the legal status of the territories, including East Jerusalem. The legal status of these territories is extremely complex and undecided. Israel has the right to negotiate its borders as part of a peace agreement. Further, EU policy effectively promotes support of the PLO’s claims that no Jews will be allowed to live in a future Palestinian state. While the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination must be respected, such an outcome would amount to nothing less than ”ethnic cleansing” and is diametrically opposed to European values of freedom, tolerance and equality.

After the meeting ECI Legal Counsel Andrew Tucker and Founding Director Tomas Sandell issued a statement saying
- As European citizens prepare for EU-elections we feel this is the right time to raise our concerns about the unbalanced EU policy in the Middle East. Europe is once more going down a slippery slope of removing the freedom of the Jewish people to live in their historical homeland. Regardless of the final outcome of the peace talks, the rights of Jewish people to live and work in what are now disputed territories need to be affirmed by all parties, including the EU.

Mr. Gabrici expressed the EEAS’s appreciation of the activities of ECI, as a legitimate stakeholder in the European debate concerning the Middle East.

Mr Gabrici explained that the EU is not directly involved in the current US led peace talks. Instead the EU is focussing on ”what happens once the two parties have come to an agreement.” For both Israelis and the Palestinians Europe is a common reference point, he said.

At the meeting Director Gabrici agreed that if the peace talks fail it may indeed be time to review EU policies in the conflict, but underscored that the status quo is no longer an option for the international community.
- If the peace talks break down both sides will suffer the consequences, he said.

In addition to implementation of the EU guidelines, the EU intends to impose a mandatory labelling of goods produced in the disputed territories. Should the peace talks fail, Palestinians may face reductions in international funding of the Palestinian Authority, hence creating more instability in the region.

The Open Letter expresses serious discontent from many nations and a broad range of the political spectrum, reflecting growing criticism of the EU’s approach to the Israel/Palestine dispute. Last year two separate lists of prominent political leaders expressed their own concerns about the guidelines, thus adding to the level of discontent in Europe about the unbalanced approach of EU policy in this area.

European Coalition for Israel
P.O. Box 189
FI-00181 Helsinki, Finland
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Egypt Demands Compensation for 10 Plagues

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Egypt Demands Compensation for 10 Plagues

Friday, April 11, 2014 | Israel Today Staff

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“We demand that the State of Israel pay compensation for the ten plagues that our forefathers in Egypt suffered thousands of years ago as a result of the curses of the Jewish forefathers.” So wrote prominent Egyptian columnist Ahmad Al-Gamal shortly before the Jewish Passover, causing a great stir.

“What is written in the Torah is that Pharaoh discriminated against the children of Israel. What have we to do with it? We therefore need not suffer!” exclaimed Al-Gamal, drawing a clear difference between the Egyptian kingdom of the Pharaohs and Islamic Egypt of today. Islam accepts the biblical narrative as historical evidence.

The columnist suggested that the government in Cairo press charges against Israel: “The Jews caused the land to be stricken with locusts and all agriculture destroyed, turned the Nile red with blood so that one could drink its waters, sent darkness, frogs and killed the firstborn.”

Al-Gamal continued: “During 40 years of wandering in the desert, the Children of Israel enjoyed our goods, which they stole before abandoning us.” He also recommended that Egypt bring charges against France, Great Britain and Turkey for those nations’ historical conquests of Egypt.

The Egyptian column was picked up by the Israeli press, especially religious news outlets, which readily acknowledged all that Al-Gamal wrote as historical fact. Some Israeli columnists retorted that Egypt need first compensate Israel for keeping the Jewish forefathers as slaves and for killing all male Jewish babies in the generation prior to the Exodus.
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Hevron Victim: Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi

ViestiKirjoittaja Annukka » 16.04.2014 19:28

Hevron Shooting Victim: Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi

by Uzi BaruchChief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi Hy''d, a husband and father of five, is the man who was murdered near Hevron on Monday by terrorists right before Passover began.

Mizrahi was driving to Kiryat Arba for a seder meal with his pregnant wife and three of his children when a terrorist opened fire on the family car, killing him and leaving his wife moderately to severely wounded.

The superintendent was born in 1967 in Tel Aviv, was raised in Bat Yam on the coast, and had lived for the past 15 years in Modi'in with his family.

In his last position, which he held for the last three years, Mizrahi served as head of the Technology Division in the Sigint Unit, part of the Intelligence Brigade in the Investigations and Intelligence Branch.

Mizrahi served in the IDF for 25 years, including many years as a professional soldier, in which he filled many operational and technology oriented roles. The last position he held there was as Lieutenant Colonel in Intelligence Unit 8200.

In June, 2011, Mizrahi was inducted into the Israel police as a chief superintendent.

The Israel police said that Mizrahi played a significant part in the design of the Sigint Unit, and in building the police force's human resources system in the field of operational technology.

"He had two great loves - his family and the state of Israel"

"In modesty and in secrecy he donated a great service to the struggle of the Israel police against serious organized crime and cyber crime in its various forms," remarked the police.

Mizrahi's commander, the Sigint Unit chief, said "this is a loss first and foremost to his family, and a great loss personally and professionally to members of the unit and the brigade, to the state of Israel."

The Sigint chief described Mizrahi as "a man who, beyond being a professional of the first degree, was a true friend, volunteered in every mission with self-sacrifice and faith, was attentive to his orders, colleagues and commanders, and his presence was very moving."

"Baruch z''l devoted his entire life to two great loves - his family and the state of Israel," concluded Mizrahi's commander.

Israel police released a statement, saying "captains and officers of the Israel police, the Investigations and Intelligence Branch, the Intelligence Brigade and the Sigint Unit bow their heads in sorrow, joining the sorrow of the family, and wish for a speedy recovery for his wife."

Many officials have condemned the murder; Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu pointed the finger at the Palestinian Authority (PA), saying the murder "is the result of the incitement for which the Palestinian Authority (PA) is responsible."

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Comment on this story

3. 'The Children Said: Wake Up, Daddy!'
by Gil Ronen 'The Children Said: Wake Up, Daddy!'

Hadassah Mizrahi, whose husband Baruch was killed by a terrorist near Hevron Friday and who was wounded herself, gave several interviews to the media Wednesday in which she described the horrific event and shared her thoughts about Israeli policies vis-a-vis terror.

She told IDF Radio that she tried not to let her children, who were in the car, see their father's wounds, “but they saw it, and my children said: 'Daddy, what happened? Wake up! Wake up! Daddy, why aren't you moving?'”

"Everyone wants to live in peace,” she told her interviewers “The question is, how? I am very angered by the fact that countless terrorists are released endlessly and we receive a result like this. I would turn to the prime minister after all of these attacks and ask him – wake up and do not free any more terrorists. Do not free terrorists.”

"The terrorists are savages,” she added. "Even if you hate Jews – this is something you must not do.”

In an interview for Hatzalah Yosh, the rescue response team in Judea and Samaria, she described vary calmly how the first responders on the scene were IDF soldiers, who were followed by police. Neither seemed to know what to do at first, according to Hadassah.

"We were driving from Modi'in to Kiryat Arba,” she told Channel 2. “At the Tarkumia checkpoint, we said hello to the soldiers, and kept going. After the first roundabout, a terrorist was standing at the roadside. Baruch shouted 'A terrorist! Shooting!' and pressed the gas pedal.”

"Then I took a bullet,” she continued, calmly. “Baruch's foot was still on the gas. The vehicle started to zigzag. I took the wheel and kept driving, away from the terrorists. I saw that we had gotten pretty far away and lowered the gear. Meanwhile, the bullets were still flying by us and I told the children 'duck down, duck down. Everything is OK.'

"Once I saw that we were far away from the terrorist I took a piece of cloth and covered my bullet holes, I called [police hotline] 100 and informed them that there had been a terror attack, and that they should come, and then when the soldiers came I asked them for a personal bandage to cover my wounds because I have to live for my children.”

Hadassah said that she understood immediately that Baruch had been killed. “He breathed his last breath and immediately fell on me, and I lifted him up instinctively.”

She said that she does not know where she got the presence of mind to save herself and her children from the attackers as she did. The terrorist kept shooting, she said. “He didn't give up, and I didn't give up either." Otherwise, she said, “we would all have been slaughtered.”

"We have five children, she said, “and they too will grow up and serve the country. It's what Baruch would have wanted.”

Interview, video by Hatzalah Yosh

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