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These Churches do not know BIBLE!

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United Church of Canada Launches BDS Campaign
by Ari Yashar United Church of Canada Launches BDS Campaign

The United Church of Canada, the country's largest Protestant denomination, this week launched its "Unsettling Goods" campaign to boycott three Israeli companies, Ahava, Keter Plastics and SodaStream, all of which have factories in Judea and Samaria.

Aside from urging its members to boycott the three companies, the United Church intends to pressure Canada-based marketing chains Canadian Tire, The Bay, Home Depot and Walmart to stop carrying the Israeli products.

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) denounced the church's boycott, noting "the church does not currently have any campaigns which address the ongoing slaughter of Christians in Muslim countries around the world, nor does it make any statement of support that recognizes Israel's right to exist."

"Despite Hamas' repeated calls for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews, based on Article 13 of the Hamas Covenant, which states 'There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad'..., and despite calls by Fatah officials for a third violent intifada against Israel, the United Church sees fit to pray for a successful boycott against Jewish businesses in Israel, while ignoring the ongoing incitement to violence and genocide against Israel and Jews coming from Palestinian leaders," said FSWC President and CEO Avi Benlolo.

Benlolo added that the "call to prayer for anti-Israel boycotts is nothing less than an assault on the Jewish people by the United Church. The echoes of the past history of Church-sanctioned antisemitism continue to grow stronger."

B'nai Brith Canada, a Jewish human rights organization, has likewise attacked the boycott.

On Tuesday an anti-Israel demonstration was held in front of a downtown Toronto Canadian Tire store, aiming to boycott SodaStream products. In November a similar radical-leftist demonstration in Vancouver targeted SodaStream.

In response, Frank Dimant, CEO of B'nai Brith Canada, remarked that SodaStream "employs 500 Palestinians as well as 400 additional Arabs living in eastern Jerusalem at its Ma’ale Adumim manufacturing facility alone," adding that if the United Church "would only take the time to examine the facts, they would realize who they really are hurting."

The tensions in Toronto revealed motives behind the protest as well, suggests Dimant. According to him, during the protest "the National Vice President for B'nai Brith Canada, a visible Jew, was unduly harassed as he attempted to enter the store and was summarily accused of being a religious fanatic, suggesting what we fear may be at the base of it all -- anti-Semitism."
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Muslim Finds Islam, Not Israel, Ruining Temple Mount

ViestiKirjoittaja Annukka » 12.12.2013 10:33

Muslim Finds Islam, Not Israel, Ruining Temple Mount

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 | Israel Today Staff

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Writing for the Gatestone Institute, Palestinian academic Mudar Zahran discovers that it is local Islamic authorities, and not Israel, that are truly threatening the future of Jerusalem's Temple Mount.

Long have local Muslims accused Israel of trying to "Judaize", destroy and cleanse the Islamic presence from the Temple Mount, which today is occupied by two large mosques, one of which, the Al Aqsa Mosque, is now claimed as Islam's third holiest site.

But Zahran, who recently visited the Temple Mount, found evidence that it is not Israel harming the holy site, and that some Muslim staff even wonder how much better the situation could be if the Jews were actually running the show.

"Upon entering the silver-domed mosque, one can quickly notice how neglected [it] is, and badly in need of maintenance," wrote Zahran.

He decided to find out why, and spoke to Muslim grounds keepers, who, naturally, insisted on speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.

"This chaos and indifference rolls down from the senior officials here who enjoy huge salaries compared to the average staff member," a Muslim security guard told Zahran. "You see these scaffoldings? They [the officials] put them up to claim maintenance work is being done in order to beg donors for money. These scaffoldings have been there for years with nothing done... The sheikh here just takes photos of them to show to donors."

Indeed, the writer learned that the Islamic Waqf that oversees the Temple Mount collects donations in the neighborhood of $285,000 each month, but that not a penny is spent on renovations, maintenance or caring for the poor and needy.

One staff member was forced to consider, "Would those Jews do that to us if Al-Aqsa were under their management?"

Still, others continued to toe the party line, insisting, in spite of the clear evidence of Waqf wrong-doing, that "this is all the fault of the Jews."

But Zahran was not fooled, concluding, "It seems that it is we Arabs and Muslims who are harming Al-Aqsa, not Israel or the Jews."
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Arabs again.

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Political Correctness Blamed for Hebrew U Violence
by Gil Ronen Political Correctness Blamed for Hebrew U Violence

The Knesset's Internal Affairs and Environment Committee discussed the worrying situation at the Mount Scopus campus of Hebrew University, where students are exposed to daily harassment by local Arabs, who act with apparent impunity.

The discussion was convened at the request of MK Yariv Levine (Likud-Beytenu), and presided over by MK David Tzur (Hatnua), a former general in the ranks of the Israel Police.

MK Levine described a sad situation in which violence along the road that connects the perimeter road surrounding the university and the student dormitories. He said that female students are sexually harrassed on a daily basis and that rock and firebombing attacks, as well as attacks on vehicles, also occur daily.

MK Levine said that the attacks are “apparently” mounted by Arabs from the village of Isawiya, which he said has become “ex-territorial.” He declared: “It is time to put an end to this phenomenon. Security must be increased, we have to go into the village and restore order. If necessary, it might be a good idea to put a checkpoint at the entrance to the village and check those who go out.”

Amit Barak, Head of Policy Department at grassroots Zionist organization Im Tirtzu, said: “Sovereignty has disappeared from Mount Scopus! Female students have to be driven to the dorms, soldiers at the IDF base near the university are only allowed to move in convoys. The police are not to blame either because they are also crippled by a twisted political correctness that does not want to deal with the Arabs of Isawiya.”

Male and female students from the university gave first-hand accounts of the dismal situation. Neta Lee Kahana said that she has to put up with verbal sexual harassment every day, and that these attacks sometimes turn physical. After the recent snow, she said, Arabs threw a snow-coated rock at her. Another female student, Bar Shalev, said her female friends had been hit in the stomach and shoulder by rocks coated with snow. A third female student said that the rear window of her car had been smashed.

MK Issawi Frej (Meretz) said that his daughter studies at the university and is also sexually harrassed. Both Arab and Jewish female students suffer from harassment, he said, adding that “not everything that happens between Jews and Arabs has to be taken to dark places.” He said that blocking the entrance to the village is not a good solution, and recommended a beefed up security presence.

Hebrew University's security officer said that the problem was accurately described and that the university invests a lot of money in security guards and various technical means, but it cannot operate outside the campus.

Brig. Gen Amnon Alkalai, commander of the police's Zion Precinct, said that there had been 119 property crimes, 45 violence crimes and 19 sexual offenses at the location this year. He said that the police are aware of the situation and that it works vis-a-vis the village mukhtar and has 90 volunteers policing the area near the university and at French Hill.

MK Yifat Kariv (Yesh Atid) appeared to blame the students. “You students are studying how to change the world, and you can't even get by in your own neighborhood? This is an opportunity to look at the community and think, what can be achieved through dialogue,” she said.

MK Tzur called on the students to file police complaints so that the extent of the phenomenon can be better understood. He demanded that the police take responsibility and scheduled a follow-up meeting of the committee in three months' time.
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American Generals: Israel Should Keep 'West Bank'

ViestiKirjoittaja Annukka » 19.12.2013 20:12

American Generals: Israel Should Keep 'West Bank'

Thursday, December 19, 2013 | Israel Today Staff

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Peace Process

A historical document dragged back out into the light by Israel National News reveals that, unlike today, in the wake of the 1967 Six Day War, the American government was of the opinion that Israel should retain control of the “West Bank.”

Following the war, then US Secretary of State Robert McNamara asked the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon for their expert opinion on how Washington should approach the issue of Israel’s land gains.

Israel National News curiously claimed that the resulting document had been exclusively declassified for their report. In reality, the June 19, 1967 “Memorandum for the Secretary of Defense” (JCSM–373–67) was declassified in 1979, and first reported on by the Wall Street Journal in 1983.

“Without regard to political factors” and taking a “strictly military point of view,” the Joint Chiefs concluded that “Israel would require the retention of some captured territory in order to provide militarily defensible borders.”

In particular, the generals felt Israel should retain control over the central high ground in Judea and Samaria. They also recommended keeping the Gaza Strip, which, “configured as it is…serves as a salient for introduction of Arab subversion and terrorism…its retention would be to Israel’s military advantage.”

It is clear from this document that America did not deem it as wise for Israel to surrender 100 percent of the lands captured in 1967 for the sake of a peace deal, as the Arabs are now demanding.

In fact, the subsequent UN Resolution 242, which the Palestinians claim as backing their demands, refrained from defining the scope of an Israeli withdrawal.

US Ambassador to the UN Arthur Goldberg later explained that the omission was deliberate. “The notable omissions-which were not accidental-in regard to withdrawal are the words ‘the’ or ‘all’ and ‘the June 5, 1967 lines’….the resolution speaks of withdrawal from occupied territories without defining the extent of withdrawal,” said Goldberg.

Today, the Palestinian Authority, which back in 1967 was still being shunned as one of the world’s most notorious terrorist organizations, insists that it will never sign a peace deal that does not include Israel’s total surrender of Judea and Samaria, including the eastern half of Jerusalem.

Anxious to finally oversee an agreement after so many decades of conflict, America, and most of the rest of the West, has abandoned its previous, more sensible positions and instead adopted those of the intransigent Arab leadership
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Reagan: Palestinians Do Not Want Peace - They Want Israel

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. Reagan: Palestinians Do Not Want Peace - They Want Israel

by Tova Dvorin

Reagan: Palestinians Have No Desire For Peace

Michael Reagan, son of former US President Ronald Reagan, spoke in a special interview with Arutz Sheva about the ongoing negotiations between Israel and the PA, the situation with Iran, and Israel's security needs.

Reagan spoke from the Young Israel in New York, at an event dedicated to the memory of the Righteous Gentile Raoul Wallenberg, who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. The event was organized by Dr. Joseph Prager, who has been tireless in his efforts to strengthen the State of Israel.

"I think that the US has put Israel in a very tough situation, having to do with Iran," Reagan related. "The United Stated has sworn to protect Israel - and what we're doing is certainly not protecting Israel and her people from massive destruction."

Reagan explains that people today suffer from apathy regarding the situation in the Middle East, as most Westerners have not experienced the same hardships or patriotism that Israelis have in trying to protect their country.

"I think it's going to ultimately up to Israel to make a determination for what they need to do to protect themselves," he explains, "when it should be the United States of America being strong to make sure Iran does not do what she wants to do."

"Sometimes you have to stand up for what is right," Reagan declared. "Ronald Reagan did that; Raoul Wallenberg did that; and Israel is most likely going to have to do that."

Regarding the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority: "When Israel conforms with negotiations, and agrees to give up prisoners, it comes back to haunt them," he noted. "Those prisoners come back to kill, hurt, and maim more Israelis."

"I don't think the Palestinians really want peace," he continued. "I don't think they've really ever wanted peace; I think they want Israel."

Reagan maintained that US support for Israel is important for the future. "I think that if the United States doesn't stand up and say, 'We're with Israel - 100%,' then the fights and the battles are going to in fact continue" - a situation undesirable for all parties involved.

"It is time for peace, but it is time for the Palestinians to, in fact, want it," he concluded.
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Op-Ed: Israel's Legal Sovereignty in Palestine

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Main > Op-Eds > Israel's Legal Sovereignty in Palestine

Op-Ed: Israel's Legal Sovereignty in Palestine

Published: Monday, December 23, 2013 9:35 AM

Interview with Dr. Jacques Gauthier, non-Jewish legal researcher: "I have spent 20 years investigating the legal aspects of sovereignty concerning Jerusalem."

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld
The writer has been a long-term adviser on strategy issues to the boards of several major multinational corporations in Europe and North America.He is board member and former chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and recipient of the LIfetime Achievement Award (2012) of the Journal for the Study of Anti-Semitism.
► More from this writer

In international law, once the title to Palestine was given to the Jewish people, this cannot be nullified retroactively as a result of the introduction of new principles of international law several decades later.
“Declarations relating to the status of Jerusalem should clearly distinguish between the legal aspects of the issue and political claims. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and other political leaders frequently employ baseless legal arguments when they make statements concerning Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem and the "West Bank".

“I have spent 20 years investigating the legal aspects of sovereignty concerning Jerusalem. My unequivocal conclusion is that according to international law, Israel has a well-founded claim to sovereignty over Jerusalem, including its Old City.”

Dr. Gauthier is a non-Jewish Canadian lawyer who received his PhD after twenty years of research on the legal status of Jerusalem. His dissertation comprises some 1,300 pages with 3,000 footnotes. He has served as legal counsel to various governments including France, Spain, Mexico and Canada.

“The Balfour Declaration was a statement by the British government.

"In November 1917, Great Britain however, did not have military control or the legal authority to give rights over Palestine to others.

“To understand the legality of Israel’s sovereignty in Palestine, we have to begin with the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 which took place at the French Foreign Office on the Quai d’Orsay. Both Arabs and the Zionist Organization presented their cases concerning the future of Palestine there. The Zionist Organization asked for the recognition of ‘the historic title of the Jewish people in Palestine and the right of Jews to reconstitute their national home.’ It demanded that the borders of Palestine – for which a map was presented – broadly follow the biblical territory on both sides of the Jordan River.

"It proposed that ‘the sovereignty of Palestine shall be vested in the League of Nations and the government will be entrusted to Great Britain acting as Mandatory of the League.’

“The Paris Conference led to various treaties with nations defeated in the First World War. They transferred title of many territories they had lost in the war to the five Principal Allied and Associated Powers, the United States, the British Empire, France, Italy and Japan.

“The Paris Conference was followed by the San Remo Conference, which took place in April 1920 at the Villa Devachan. There, the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers adopted a resolution on 25 April concerning Palestine. It stated that its administration would be entrusted to a Mandatory which they would select.

"It also said: ‘The Mandatory will be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on the 8th [2nd] November 1917 by the British government and adopted by the other Allied Powers, in favor of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish People. It being clearly understood, that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed [by] the Jews in any other country'.

"This resolution is the legal foundation of the rights under the Law of Nations granted to the Jewish people in respect to Palestine.'

“In San Remo, the Principal Allied Powers approved British mandates over Palestine including Trans-Jordan, (East-Palestine) and Iraq, as well as the French Mandate over Syria and Lebanon. The Arabs acquired huge territories as a result of the San Remo Conference.

"However, there were crucial differences in the texts of the Mandate treaties for Syria and Lebanon, as well as the one for the Mesopotamia (Iraq) Mandate on one hand and the Mandate for Palestine on the other. In the former, it said that the organic law will be ‘formed in agreement with the native authorities and shall take into account the rights, interests and wishes of all the population inhabiting the mandated territory.’ In the Mandate for Palestine, there is no such formula. It stated that the Mandatory will be responsible for creating the conditions to ‘secure the establishment of the Jewish National Home.’

"It also said that recognition was given ‘to the historical connection of the Jewish People within Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.’

“The Council of League of Nations approved the British and French Mandates in July 1922. In the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne, Turkey renounced all rights and title on the aforementioned territories.

"In international law, once the title to Palestine was given to the Jewish people, this cannot be nullified retroactively as a result of the introduction of new principles of international law several decades later.

"In fact, the rights granted to the Jewish people are protected under Article 80 of the UN Charter. This preserves intact all the rights granted to Jews under the Mandate for Palestine, even after the Mandate’s expiry in May 1948.”
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Pray for the Land.

ViestiKirjoittaja Annukka » 26.12.2013 09:30

This is an unchanging spiritual truth set forth clearly in Scripture: Those who bless the nation of Israel will be blessed. Yet I find as I travel and minister that a startling percentage of Christians aren’t doing anything about that truth. It’s not that they don’t believe it. For the most part, they do. They know that God declared to Abraham and his descendents, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you” (Genesis 12:3 NKJV). Their theological position on the issue is right, but they neglect to act on it. To be honest, we all make that mistake at times. We don’t intend to, of course. We simply forget about the little Jewish nation that for most of us is multiplied thousands of miles away. We get so focused on our own personal lives and plans that we forget we’re a part of God’s great big eternal plan—a plan that includes not only us as individuals and the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ but the nation of Israel as well. Today, I want to remind you of that fact and stir you to action. I want to ask you to pray for Israel. “Oh, Lynne, I’d like to do that,” you might say, “but I don’t know what to pray. I have no idea what’s going on over there right now.” That’s okay. The Holy Spirit knows and He’ll show you what to pray if you let Him. He’ll not only prompt you concerning current events and needs, He’ll give you prayer directions that come straight from the Bible—directions based not on the news or on political whim and opinion, but on God’s eternal, unchanging Word. One direction He will most certainly give you is to pray for the land itself. That’s right. Not just for the Jewish people, not just for the government leaders (although praying for them is important) but for the actual land—the fields and farmlands, the mountains and cities—of Israel. Such an idea sounds foreign to many Christians. They don’t think of real estate as being very spiritual. But the land of Israel isn’t just real estate. It’s God’s property. It’s the only land mass in all the earth He has chosen for Himself and given to the Jews. Think of it: the land of Israel is so important to God that He recorded in the Bible its divinely ordained boundaries. He included in Scripture the many times He commanded the Israelites to possess it (Thirty-two times in Deuteronomy alone)! He documented in the Holy Writ that He “…made a covenant (promise, pledge) with Abram, saying, To
your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates” (Genesis 15:18 AMP). As contemporary Believers, we don’t always realize how serious a covenant is. We think of it as a contract that can expire or be broken. But God never breaks His covenants. He gave the land of Israel to Abraham and His descendants “forever” (Genesis 13:15). People who don’t know and believe God’s Word don’t understand that. They see the Jews’ presence in the land of Israel as the obstacle to peace in the Middle East. “If Israel would give up more land, things would settle down,” they say. But the truth is just the opposite. The more Israeli land is put into the hands of other nations, the more trouble there will be—for everybody. Ezekiel 36 makes that crystal clear. There God warns about the shame and reproach nations suffer when they try to take for themselves portions of Israel. He prophesies to the land (not to people but to the land) and says, “Behold, I am for you and I will turn to you; and you shall be tilled and sown and I will multiply men upon you, the whole house of Israel, even all of it; the cities shall be inhabited and the waste places shall be rebuilt” (verses 9–10). As Christians, we are God’s children. We follow His lead. So if He is for the land of Israel, we should be for it too. We should be diligent to pray that it blossoms and prospers and that the Jewish people flourish in its cities and on its mountains once again. God said when that happens, “I will sanctify My great name … and the nations shall know that I am the Lord,” (Ezekiel 36:23 NKJV).

Pray for the Land By Lynne Hammond
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John Kerry United States Secretary of State “Partners

ViestiKirjoittaja Annukka » 27.12.2013 08:27

John Kerry United States Secretary of State “Partners for Peace ...”


“The truth may not always win, but it is always right!” - Eli E. Hertz www.MythsandFacts.org Myths and Facts

What kind of society consciously and purposely sacrifices its own youth for political gain and tactical advantage? Today the overwhelming majority of Palestinian Arabs nurture a blind hatred towards Israel. They created a cultural milieu of vengeance, violence and death - preparing their children to be sacrifices in a death cult. Proud parents dress up their toddlers not in clown costumes, but with suicide belts, and countless others celebrate their children’s deaths with tradition- al sweet holiday cakes and candies. Only when Palestinian Media and textbooks cease to preach hate and stop using gruesome examples of killing Jews, can Israelis even begin to trust Palestinians as potential honest partners for peace that will afford a promising future for these children, and for the region as a whole.
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Russian Experts: Arafat Died of Natural Causes

ViestiKirjoittaja Annukka » 27.12.2013 09:05

Russian Experts Confirm: Arafat Died of Natural Causes

by Ari Soffer

A team of Russian forensic experts have said that former Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Yasser Arafat died of "natural causes", and ruled out radiation poisoning as a cause of death, according to Lebanon's Daily Star.

"We have completed all the studies. The person died a natural death and not from radiation," announced the head of Russia's Federal Medical-Biological Agency (FMBA) Vladimir Uiba, according to Russia state media.

The announcement echoes previous findings by a group of French experts, who also ruled out foul play as contributing towards Arafat's death.

Both findings contradict a report by a team of Swiss scientists, who claimed that it was likely Arafat was killed by polonium poisoning, though they clarified that the test results neither confirmed nor denied polonium was the actual cause of his death.

Those findings have been viewed with skepticism in some parts however, due to revelations that Arafat's former wife was funding the investigation, along with the Palestinian Authority itself. Other experts have poured doubt on the findings themselves, saying that if polonium had been used to kill Arafat it would have decomposed long ago.

Arafat's ex-wife Suha Arafat had refused to accept the French findings, and a recent poll suggested widespread support for conspiracy theories surrounding the former PA leader's death among Palestinian Arabs, and blame Israel for his death.

Yasser Arafat died in France on November 11, 2004 at the age of 75, but doctors were unable to conclusively determine the cause of death. At the time, his widow Suha Arafat refused to allow an autopsy.

Suha Arafat later allowed investigators to exhume his body after traces of polonium-210 were found on clothing that she provided to scientists as part of an Al Jazeera documentary.
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